Sunday, June 10, 2012

Essie - Mojito Madness

I had seen way too many great things about this nail polish for me to go without it!  This is Essie's Mojito Madness.  It is a creamy kelly green color.  I've heard many people refer to it as a 'Starbuck's green', while I think it is still a tad lighter than the Starbuck's green.  This is such a great vibrant color and I think it will be one of the number one polishes of the summer for nail polish junkies like myself.  The formulation was fine.  It was a little patchy and sheer with the first coat, but it all evened out with a second coat.  Look at how fun this color is!!!!!!

Are you planning on jumping on the bandwagon and getting Mojito Madness?

-polish. impress. repeat.


  1. I like! So how long does this brand usually last?

    1. My luck with Essie is a good 5 days if not, longer. That's with it still looking this good... :) I use Sally Hansen's Insta Dry top coat and it works wonders with making nail polish last longer.

  2. This is really pretty on you!! :D


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