Saturday, February 23, 2013

Unboxing my February 2013 Birchbox

There were a few Birchboxes that were delayed due to weather in New York, and mine was one of them, but Birchbox sent out an email alerting us that our boxes might be a little later than usual.  While I liked the products I got, I'm not sure I feel like it was well worth the $10 I payed for it.  I do like the items I received, I really do.

This months theme is "Red Carpet Ready".  Since there are so many award shows this month, they included items that are red carpet worthy.  I'm not quite sure I would wear the headband on the red carpet, but the rest of the items seem to fit the theme pretty well.

 First up is Juicy Coutures' Couture La La.  I love all the Juicy Couture perfumes and am happy with this sample.  It has a spray top which all the Juicy Couture samples I've gotten have had.  Love love love.  I own a lot of this brands perfumes and I'm excited to try this new one.

This is Secret Agent Beauty's Secret Lip Affair lip gloss.  It is a lip plumper infused with Vitamin E.  It smells like cherry, but it has that tingly feeling that plumers usually have.  It is a gorgeous color too.  Pocket size.  :)  Like it.

I've always been curious about TIGI's products and now I get to try the Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray.  I'm hoping it truly is 'flexible' like it says because that is my one thing I look for in a hairspray!  Excited for this product.

I've received two of the twistband hair ties in previous boxes, but in this one I got a headband.  I don't really use headbands, but it might be useful while working out.  We'll see.  I like the color!

This month's extra treat was a Ghiradelli chocolate carmel square.  I do like chocolate, so this was a nice addition.

Like I said, I like the products, but I'm not sure it was worth the $10.  What did you all get in your boxes?

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Holographic Teal Combo

I recently got Butter London's Henley Regatta in a gift set and I've wanted to use it, but never found the right time.  I picked out Zoya's Zuza to paint my nails with and as I got done with my second coat, I quickly grabbed Henley Regatta.  I was just going to use it for an accent nail, but I loved it so much, I used it all all 10.  :)  I used two coats of Zoya's Zuza which is an silvery/pearly iridescent teal and two coats of Henley Regatta which is a teal/green/blue glitter by Butter London.  I LOVE the way this sparkles in the sun.  It reminds me of a mermaid's tail.  I can't wait to wear this combo more in the Spring!

What are your favorite combos?

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

OPI - Cuckoo For This Color

I want to start off my apologizing for these photos.  I painted my nails a couple days ago, but never got around to taking pictures until now.  You can see a little fading on the tips, so these don't look as good as they did a couple days ago.

Anyways...  This is OPI's Cuckoo For This Color.  It is a dark teal/turquoise color with shimmer.  I like that the shimmer gives it a swirly looking effect on your nails.  This is from their Fall 2010 Swiss collection.  I painted two coats and aside from the little bit of fading at the tips, this polish always has a good wear time for me.

It's almost spring and so I'm trying to enjoy my little bit of time left to wear darker colored polishes.

What is your favorite darker colored polish?

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