Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My February 2012 Birchbox!

This is my first non-nail posting.  I'm hoping to include random blog postings to fill the time in-between my nail entries.

Birchbox is a monthly subscription that I absolutely adore!  I've been a member for almost a year now and I don't see myself ending my subscription anytime soon.

If you've never heard of Birchbox, it is a monthly subscription for high end beauty products.  It is $10 a month and you get 4-5 deluxe size samples each month as well as a little bonus item or 'lifestyle item'.  The actual value of each box is well over $10.  Sometimes there are full size samples that are included too.  Each Birchbox member fills out a beauty profile and they send you items that they think fit you well.  Of course, there are going to be times that you get something you are not super in to, but that's what I like about the program.  They are samples so that you can try out products you might not have tried out before.  I've found more products that I love through Birchbox that products I dislike.  If you end up liking the products and want to buy them, Birchbox sells the full size products on their website.

Each month has a different 'theme' and the products inside your box pertain to that theme.  There are many different box combinations depending on your beauty profile so you could get a completely different box from the next person.  It's neat to look at what other girls have gotten in their boxes through other blogs and YouTube videos.  Birchbox also has their own YouTube channel where they do tutorials, interviews with different beauty companies, and revealings of their monthly favorite beauty products.  They also have a great blog which is updated numerous times a day.

I get so excited each month when I get my email telling me that my box has been shipped.  I try so hard not to look on my account to see what I got in my box or to watch other people's revealings of their box because I like it to be a surprise when I open it. I've found that the boxes are usually mailed out around the 10th of the month and then it can take up to 10 days or so for delivery (especially if you're on the West Coast like me).  It's rarely taken that long to get here.  Each Birchbox is literally a box full of adorably wrapped up goodies.

After that introduction, here's my box!

This is what the box looks like when you get it in the mail.  It's a cute pink cardboard cover for the actual Birchbox inside.

Here's what looks like when you open the pink part to reveal the box itself.

Each month, there is a card when you first open your box with a note from the Birchbox team and explaining the theme and products in your box.  On the back side, it lists all the products you have, an explanation for each one and the price for the full size product.

Inside the box! 

Here is the first product I found.  It is the Daily Microfoliant by Dermalogica.  As you can see from the top of the bottle, it comes out in a powder form.  You mix the powder with water and it turns into a paste which I am assuming is like an exfoliator.  A powder that turns into an exfoliant?!  How cool?  I love exfoliating my skin, so I'm excited to try this out.  

Next, I opened the little gold package to discover these guys.  Below is what these products are. 

This was my second product.  It is the Glow and Go Travel Puff by Colorescience pro.  This is a powdered bronzer.  The actual full size product comes in a neat makeup brush.  They creatively made this product into a little makeup puff for a travel sized appropriate sample.  I'm interested to try this because it is a multi-use product.  When it runs out of product, you can actually wash it and use it as a makeup applicator with any of your other make up products!  Innovative!

My third product is EYE ROCK's Designer Liner.  These are so neat!  They seem like temporary tattoos/ stickers for your eyes.  It's really hard to create flawless fun eyeliner looks, and these will guarantee to look great!  I'm not sure I'm wild enough for these, but I'll try them out some time. :)

Here's my fourth product.  I've always wanted to try out more Jouer products.  I was introduced to Jouer through Birchbox with an exclusive Birchbox pink colored lip gloss that I LOVE.  This looks like I'll get a few uses out of it.  This is Jouer's Luminizing Mouisture Tint.  With Spring coming up, it will be nice to be able to use this tinted moisturizer instead of foundation.  I got the color 'bronze' and it matches my skin color really well.

Here's one of this month's fun extras!  It is a digital download for songs from Green River Ordinance.  I really like discovering new music.  Birchbox had given the link for these downloads on their facebook the other day, so I already had these songs on my iPod, and I really like the songs!  Thanks Birchbox for some new music to listen to!

This is the second extra for February's box.  It is a fun heart shaped nail file!  Gotta love another nail file!  It's neon pink on one side and sandpaper colored on the other.  This pink side is less grainy than the other and I like having two different textures on my nail files.  Love this.

Here's everything all together!  :)  I did the math, and the value of this box, not including the nail file and the music was $29.09.  Pretty good for only $10.  I'm looking forward to trying out these products.  February's box gets a thumbs up!

I hope you all liked seeing my Birchbox.  I really do love this program and I think it's something fun to have each month.  I've found a lot of great products and brands through this.  If you are interested in subscribing, use this link and sign up!  http://www.birchbox.com?raf=gafkf

P.S.  These make for great gifts too!  

-polish. impress. repeat.

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