Saturday, March 23, 2013

Unboxing my March Birchbox

I've had this for over a week, but I've been super busy and haven't gotten around to posting about it.  When I saw what items I was getting in my box, I'll be honest, I wasn't too thrilled.  Once I got my box and was able to see the items up close, my mind quickly changed!  I actually really like this box.

Here's all that I got:

 These are too cute and something I will probably need while traveling at some point.  These are Eco-Friendly Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover pads from La Fresh.  I like that they are scented too!  I used to have this other scented nail polish remover I loved, but now I can't find it anywhere.  Hopefully I like this too!

This is Marcelle's BB Cream in Golden Glow.  I have recieved a BB cream from Birchbox before and I really liked it, but I only got a couple uses out of it.  This is a good amount of product and I tested it on my hand and I really like it.  With Spring and Summer approaching, I like the idea of a BB cream over a foundation.

This is Vasanti's Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator.  It is basically a facial scrub.  I LOVE scrubs, so no doubt that I like this one too.  :)  The crystals are really small, so you won't feel like you just scraped your face off after you use it.

Let me introduce you to Whish's Shave Crave Shave Cream in a Birchbox exclusive scent of blueberry.  When I first opened my Birchbox, something smelled divine, and it was this little guy.  I seriously cannot stop smelling it.  It smells like blueberry oatmeal.  It is more like a lotion, so I feel like it will clog a razor pretty quickly, but if it is moisturizing and helps with shaving, I'm all for it (epecially with the smell).  Seriously, it smells amazing.  I'm excited to try this out and see if the smell stays on the skin.

My Birchbox extra this month is a nail file from Madewell.  Considering I have a nail polish blog...  I use nail files quite a bit, so this was a nice addition to my box.  I like the design of it too.  Very girly.  

I was glad to have a box I like after a couple months of downers.  Hopefully they continue this uprise and have great boxes through the Spring and Summer.

If you are interested in signing up for Birchbox.  It is $10 a month and very worthwhile.  Here's a link if you are interested:

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