Friday, October 19, 2012

October 2012 Birchbox

Hello faithful readers!  It's that time of month... BIRCHBOX time!  :)  Birchbox is a great little gift in the mail, and it brightens my day!  This month, Birchbox teamed up with GOOP to make a special themed box.  I didn't get that box, instead, I got the regular October box.  It had a theme of transformation to go along with Halloween.  It wasn't really a 'Halloween' themed box though.  Make sense?  Okay.  Anyways, I was pleased with this month's box. 

 First up is Lucy B Pink Frangipani & Wild Jasmine Roll-On perfume oils.  This was an extra treat to get TWO perfume samples instead of the usual one!  I like the spray bottles better, but at least these have long plastic applicators rather than nothing.  I'm not a huge fan of jasmine for a scent of perfume, so I'll probably give that one away.  The Pink Frangipani one smells great!  Too bad it was half full and the jasmine one was over flowing...

I also got Mox Botanicals Pomegranate & Fig Lip Butter.  I LOVE me some lip products, so this was great!  It smells tasty too!  It is super tiny, which is perfect to fit in my pocket to carry around!  I can't do that with my EOS lip balm.

This is NUXE Fondant Body Scrub.  I'm not sure why is is categorized as a 'fondant' body scrub versus a normal body scrub, but I am a huge fan of scrubs nonetheless.  This one smells fantastic by the way.  I am excited to use this!  It was a little disappointing to find out that this tube is only about half full of product when I opened the lid to smell it. 

I got Mary-Lou Manizer from theBalm.  It is essentially a highlighter.  It is a gorgeous color as swatched on my hand.  I like that it is in a little magnetic book.  Perfect for travel!  It is a pretty good amount of product in this sample.

My lifestyle extra this month was tea!  Birchbox has given away tea in boxes many times, but I have never gotten any. I am a tea snob, and I was stoked to see these in my box.  The orange one is a mate tea with orange and  chocolate scents which should be interesting.  The green one is a mate green tea with lemon grass and lemon flavorings.  Both are not typically something I would be drawn too, but I'm interested to try them out.

None of the products from this month's box were brands I recognize.  That's just one of the amazing things about Birchbox.  They introduce you to great products and amazing brands you might not know are out there.  If you are interested in joining Birchbox, it is a $10 subscription per month (box).  Here's my referral link if you are interested:

What was in your Birchbox?

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