Saturday, September 1, 2012

August 2012 Julep Maven

PREFACE:  I come to you all with mixed feelings about this months Julep Maven box.  Let me say first off that I love the formulation and wear-time of Julep polishes, and I think the Maven subscription service is great, but I don't want to pay $20 each month for the service.  I haven't been IN LOVE with any of the combos over the last several months and so I have skipped them.  I make sure to keep an eye out for the emails so I don't get charged and sent a box I don't want.  This month, I got no email about what box I was getting or that it was my last chance to change boxes.  On the other hand, I did get an email that my box was being shipped out to me.   Uhhhhh wait.  I didn't even get the chance to skip it or let alone change to a different box.
I emailed their customer service and they gave me instructions on how I could return it (they didn't say anything in the email about a restocking fee, but their website said I would be charged another couple dollars).  The email also told me what day the email was sent out and what it was titled.  I looked through my old mail and I had NOTHING of the sort.  Well, the box came, and I decided to keep it.  I already have quite a few polishes in similar colors, but I give in too easily.  So, without further ado, here is the box I didn't want, but I ended up keeping:

On a positive note, Julep Maven boxes are always so cute and girly.  I really do appreciate that.  I guess this month had a theme of Trina Turk. I don't know who that is, but I think I got a magnet with a cartoon version of her on it.

I think this is a magnet.  I haven't tried it yet.  I don't think I will use it...

 Here are the things I received in my box.

  It's been a year since I signed up with Julep Maven, so they sent me these cute bangles.  This was a sweet surprise!

 Most Maven's got mascara in their box this month.  Boho glam was the only box that got brown, and I have the boho glam box.  I wish I would have gotten the black.... not a huge fan of brown mascara.  I like the brush though!

 Like I said earlier, they always have such cute packaging.  I mean, come on, how cute and classy is this!?!

 Here are my two colors.  I have Julep's Miranda which is a little lighter than the green I got here.  I wish I had a little more variety.

The blue is Gunta.  Kind of a weird name.  It is a classic royal blue color.  I have been loving blue colors lately, so I'm excited to try this one out.

This is Popova.  Another interesting name.  They both sound European.  I could be completely wrong though.  Nothing too exciting about this color.  I have other greens I like more than this, but after I try it out, I might like it just as much.

So there we are...I'm sorry if I seemed like a complainer this whole post.  I really do like the Maven program and Julep polishes, but I just wasn't happy with how this month's box was shipped with no prior information.  I know that is not typical for them and I encourage you if you like to try out new polishes to join the Maven program.  Here's a link to sign up.  I think new members can join for their first month for only a PENNY!  Enter the code penny at the checkout.

-polish. impress. repeat

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  1. those colors are gorgeous! i love them :)


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