Sunday, April 21, 2013

Unboxing my April Birchbox

For April, Birchbox teamed up with Women'sHealth magazine.  They wanted to provide us with 'tiny tweaks' that would produce big results.  They did an awesome job finding products to do just that!  Honestly, when I looked at what was being sent out, I wasn't too excited, but once I actually opened my box and looked through the items, I am VERY pleased.  Let's look at what I got.

 This is Atelier Cologne's 'Ambre Nue Cologne Absolue'.  I wish all little perfume samples came with a spray top...  I hate these little vials.  When I first put this on, I do not like the smells, but after an hour or so, I really like it.  I don't know that it is worth going through a full hour of not liking the way you smell to get to a smell you like.  It is a little spicy, a little fruity, and a little floral-y.

This is Lierac Paris's 'Concentre Mesolift Toning Radiance Serum'.  I have never used something like this, but i am excited.  This is a serum that hydrates and fights signs of aging.  Any type of facial moisturizer I am willing to try.  Plus, how fun is this little pipette and bottle?!  It is an orange liquid, and it doesn't really have any scent.

I was so happy to receive another product from Number 4.  This is the 'Blow Dry Lotion'.  I have received a hair mask in the past and it is seriously one of my favorite hair products I have ever used.  This is a GOOD sized sample and it smells amazing (so does the mask).  This is to protect your hair from heat.  I will definitely be buying some Number 4 products in my lifetime.  Great quality and results.

This is Ruby Wing's color changing nail polish in 'Peony'.  It shows you on the sticker what the color turns to in the sun.  The color on the left is in the shade, then I put it in the sun for a minute and it started turning darker (notice the picture on the right).  I've never used a color changing polish, so I'm stoked.  I like the color too.  :)

Birchbox included a 'Birchbox Finds' in this box.  They gave me Simple's 'Revitalizing Eye Roll - On'.  It is made to 'cool and revitalize' your eye area.  I've never used something like this, so it will be fun to try out!  Attached to this product was a coupon to get $1 off a Simple product.  SCORE!

Since Birchbox teamed up with Women'sHealth magazine, they added in a free one-year subscription!  Woohoo!

Overall, I was very pleased.  Each product is something I like or am excited to try.  The only thing I am on the fence with is the perfume, but it's like like I 'hate' it.  :)  Good job Birchbox!

-polish. impress. repeat.

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