Tuesday, April 17, 2012

China Glaze - Dress Me Up & Luxe and Lush

Sorry for the delay.  I recently took a long term subbing job and it's kept me rather busy to say the least.  I'm finally able to tread with my head above the water and can do some postings.  :)  I have a lot of pictures I've taken, and now I can actually get around to posting them.

These are two more polishes from the Hunger Games collection by China Glaze.  The base color is "Dress Me Up" which is the color for District 8 the textile district.  It is a muted pinky mauve color.  It's gorgeous to say the least.  Classy and sophisticated.  The formula was great and all I needed was 2 coats.

The color I used as a topcoat for an accent nail is "Luxe and Lush" which is the color for District 1 in all of it's 'luxury'.  It's beautiful, but very difficult to work with.

It seems as though the little particles are plastic flecks.  Needless to say, they didn't all lay flat on my nail even after an additional clear top-coat.  Because of this, the little pieces stick up and peel off easily.  It's also difficult to get a good coat and even layer of the glitter flecks on the nail.  Here is what the polish looks like on the brush in the picture below.  The pieces tend to stick to the brush and not go on the nail. 
It's a shame it isn't very user friendly because it is a gorgeous polish.  I guess it's worth the trouble.  ;)

What do you think of this duo?  Would you buy a polish that is stunning yet hard to work with?

-polish. impress. repeat.

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